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Therapy Flow transforms your practice with done-with-you marketing, coaching, and practice consulting. We grow therapy practices to multi-6 and 7-figures.

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We invite you to book your "1 thing" call with the therapy Flow team

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If you don’t have consistent referrals coming in, struggling to recruit or fill your clinician’s caseload, or just feel like the business isn’t giving you the freedom you thought you’d get by owning your own thing,
You aren’t alone! Our team will sit down and help you uncover the #1 thing you can do in the next 4-8 weeks to move your practice forward. 

Practices Owners Like You – That Grew With Therapy Flow

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"You guys have been super professional and we've been super impressed how on top of everything you are! The best vendor relationship we've ever had and we've worked with over 50+."

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Dr. Shereen Mohsen

Psychologist, Practice Owner Uplift Psychology Group

"I want to publicly thank Attilio and Joshua for all the good they've done for the GP that my wife and I have. The success we've had in attracting clients gives us enormous confidence during the hiring process."

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Pablo Carbajal

Practice Owner Carbajal Counseling

The VA is up and running. She took her first call a second ago and did a good job! Signed a patient on. Thanks so much guys for recommending.. it's the little things you guys recommend that help out tremendously."

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LaShaunna LeSure

LCSW, Practice Owner Shalom Counseling & Consulting

"Therapy Flow simplified so many things!
If you're not on this service you should be."


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Thomas Hannah

LMHC, Practice Owner Tempest Counseling

"I joined a couple of weeks ago and have been overwhelmed with all the incredible information and support provided here. thanks so much! It's a treasure trove of incredibly valuable information."

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David Flowers

LMFT, Practice Owner David Flowers Therapy

Our Team

Joshua Brummel - Co-Founder of Therapy Flow

Joshua Brummel


Attilio Di Nunno - Co-Founder of Therapy Flow

Attilio Di Nunno


Moriah Chambers - Community Coordinator

Moriah Chambers

Community Coordinator

Andy Sutton - Client Success Partner

Andy Sutton

Client Success Partner

Ryan Sobbe - Marketing Specialist at Therapy Flow

Ryan Sobbe

Marketing Specialist

Ryan Sobbe - Marketing Specialist at Therapy Flow

Brittany Childress

Private Practice Success Coach

Andy Sutton - Client Success Partner

Shelby Cook

Private Practice Success Coach

Ryan Sobbe - Marketing Specialist at Therapy Flow

Stephanie Carbajal

Private Practice Success Coach

Ryan Sobbe - Marketing Specialist at Therapy Flow

Ilona Mikhalchuk

Private Practice Success Coach

Discover The #1 thing You Need To Move Your Practice Forward!

I’m Joshua, one of the Co-founders of Therapy Flow. I want to invite you to book a call with our team.

This call is for us to help you determine the #1 thing you need to move your practice forward.

Our team follows a concept called the “one thing”. What is the #1 thing you can do, right now, to accomplish your goal, that would make everything else easier or unnecessary?

We’ve helped thousands of practice owners find their “one thing” book a call today!