Why You Should Blog to Grow Your Therapy Practice

Today, most potential therapy clients are researching their problem online before considering booking a therapy session. Through this process, they often discover blog articles related to solving their problem.

As more people are searching and researching online before making decisions more than ever, improving your chance of capturing their attention first and solving their initial problem through helpful content is extremely valuable.

If you know your target audience and how you can help these people, why not blog about the therapy services you provide in your local area to improve this possibility and gain a potential new stream of local therapy clients?

Blogging Builds Your Brand Online

Blogging is a great way to grow your therapy practice online by building up your brand and providing value upfront to both potential and existing clients. Through blogging over time, you set yourself and your therapy practice up to be recognized as an authority on the mental health and therapy related topics that you choose to blog about.

While it can take some consistent effort to build up a collection of helpful blog posts, blogging regularly such as 2-4 times a month is an effective way to gradually increase your practice's website presence in your local area.

Your blog content can start ranking for related keywords searched on Google and Bing in your area. Also, adding links to your other website pages from your blogs, such as service pages, can improve the odds of these pages ranking as well.

Blogging Provides Value to Potential and Existing Clients

As your blog gets read and discovered, your content has a good chance of being shared, syndicated, and linked to online, further boosting your marketing reach, brand reach, and ranking potential in search engines like Google and Bing for keyword searches related to your content. Having quality blog content can also help "soft-sell" people who discover your blog from other sources, such as social media, directories, referrals, offline events or meetings. As a result, blogs provide a variety of valuable ways to gain new therapy or counseling clients!

A Blog Helps Attract New Potential Clients

Search engines like Google and Bing like to see your website actively publish new content in the form of pages or blog posts on a consistent basis. This new content is indexed into the search engines, and over time can result in your content ranking for keyword searches related to your content, providing valuable opportunities to attract new potential clients. Also, these inbound prospects are much more "warmed up" to become a client since your content is related to what they searched for.

Blog Topic Examples for Your Therapy Practice

Example blog post topics that could resonate with potential or existing therapy clients include writing about the mental health industry, mental health statistics, the benefits of therapy sessions, information about specific therapy or counseling services your practice provides, and tips on alleviating or managing certain symptoms or situations.

Start Growing Your Practice Through Blogging

Creating a blog is one method of marketing online that you should definitely consider. While it does take consistent work and can take time to see results, the eventual returns are often worth the investment in time writing. We recommend sticking to blog posting consistently for at least 3 months before considering results and if blogging is worth your time or resources.

You can also outsource blogging to copywriters who knowledgeable in keyword research, formatting, and linking up your blog content to maximize SEO benefits from search engines and improve your rankings in your local area. Either way, we highly recommend having some kind of active blog on your website.

Based on our personal experience publishing blog posts for therapy practices as part of our marketing program for therapists, we've seen first-hand how blogging can generate a lot of quality local website visits, new potential clients, and other business opportunities for therapists, psychologists, and counselors!

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