The Benefits of Google Ads for Therapists

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Now more than ever, people are looking for support.

Quarantine has left some people feeling lonely, isolated, and afraid. Because of this, many people are searching for mental health resources and support. Therapy is a powerful tool they're turning to.

As they search for a therapist, they're either asking for references through trusted friends or searching online. As a result, it's a good time to utilize online advertising as a therapist.

If you're not sure about Google Ads for your therapy practice, continue reading below.

For a more in-depth approach, check out our detailed guide on Google Ads for therapists & psychologists to learn how to set up a new Google Ad search campaign step-by-step.

Do Some Prep Work

Before fully diving into therapist digital marketing, make sure you have a solid foundation. A quick way to lose money on ads is by not having a fully developed site for people to explore. Once you have a site, you'll also want to highlight the key points you'd like to advertise.

Take some time to check out your site as if you were a potential client. Look at the visuals, click around on the menu, and investigate your service pages and any other content.

After you've double-checked your site, decide on the services you want to create Google Ads for. You can't advertise everything in one small ad so carefully think about your marketing and advertisement goals, and the budget required for one or multiple ads and service offerings.

You could even develop a first visit discount special to advertise or promote that you offer online or remote therapy services. Many people are struggling with finances right now so any sort of discount is appealing in an advertisement.

Starting an Ad Campaign

Now that you have outlined goals, it's time to put the advertisement out into the digital world. Start by creating a Google Ads account. You can also create a Google Analytics account to link to your Google Ads account and website to track more ad and user data, such as ad clicks, time on page, custom conversion goals such as which ads lead to a phone call or form submit, and more.

In Google Ads, start working on your first campaign. Google provides some instruction throughout the process of setting up an ad campaign, so you don't feel too overwhelmed.

It's crucial to put thought into your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy. You pay for every click that one of your ads receives. It's a good idea to test keyword phrases to target with your ads that you believe align with your business, service offerings, and target location/s. You'll also want to use these phrases within your ad headlines and descriptions themselves, to make sure your ads are tightly aligned with your target keywords to maximize clickthrough rates and hopefully conversion rates.

You may be offering mindfulness-based therapy, but it's rare someone will be typing all that out. They'll probably be searching for things like, "local therapists", "therapy services" or "mental health resources".

This is where it gets tricky. Because you pay for every click, you don't want to choose simple keywords like "therapy" because someone could be looking for a physical therapist or therapy in an irrelevant location or even within another brand name. Remember, go for simple yet effective keywords.

Benefits of Google Ads

There are many benefits provided by running Google Ad campaigns for therapists. You'll love it once you grow fully comfortable with the process and start generating potential clients.

Strong Targeting Features

One big benefit of Google Ads is that they really help you target your desired location and demographic. Even though Google itself has an enormous reach, its system has the ability to make sure your ads are reaching the relevant people that are able to easily visit you based on your selected campaign settings.

Flexibility with Budget

Google Ads ads can be run with any budget. However, we recommend using the keyword planner in Google Ads to determine estimates for how much per click it would cost for you to target certain keywords in your target area.

It can also take some thought to determine how much budget is required to test enough ads and keywords in your target location/s for a month or two, to gain enough data to see if Google Ads will perform profitably for your business. If you have any questions about this for your practice, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

Insightful Data

The data you can gather through running Google Ads can help you improve direction with your website and SEO. This includes valuable information on the keywords people are searching to click on your ads, the type of keywords that lead to conversions like phone calls or form fills, and the type of ad copy that best resonates with your target market. All of this information can be applied to improving your site's copy and the type of topics and related keywords to write about, which can further improve your search rankings and conversion rates.

Don't Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There

Because so much of what we do is online these days, it's a great time, as a local therapist, to put yourself out there by utilizing Google Ads in combination with other digital marketing strategies like SEO for your therapy practice's website to gain search traffic to your website.

Google Ads can get you relevant traffic to your site quickly, bringing in new clients, and helps you build a stronger online presence for your area. With an optimized Google Ad campaign, you'll be surprised how many new appointments you'll be booking!

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