Therapy Flow Growth Sprint Program

Our Flagship Program for Group Therapy Practices

Give Your Group Practice:

Marketing That Keeps Your Team Full
A Simple Intake System That Converts Clients
A Practice Sustained by Systems & Operations Instead Of Hustle
A Group Practice That Will Scale To 7 & Multi 7-Figures
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A Four Month Growth Program To Scale To 7 And Multi 7-Figures

Struggling To Keep Your Team Full?

The Five Core Marketing Methods For Group Practices:
1. Directory Sites
2. Paid Ads like Google & Facebook/Instagram
3. Website With SEO
4. Network/Partner Referrals
5. Social Media & Other Organic

The Golden Referral Ratio

Do you know how many referrals are needed to keep your practice full and keep it growing?
Most group practices need between 8-12 leads a month, per therapists.
So every 10 clincians = 100+ leads a month for success.

What We Help You Build

Therapy Flow will help you build the infrastructure to sustain and grow your practice.
Typically paid ads are first! Then other channels.
We’ll help you launch or revamp your Google Ads & Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Marketing Outcomes

Our team will construct a custom marketing strategy for you and help you build each component!
Most practices see an extra 50-100+ monthly inquires after the first 4 months with our team.

Shelby Went From A Brand New Group Practice With No Marketing
To A Multi 7-Figure Practice, Working 10 Hours A Week, With 30+ Clinicians

Do Your Systems Feel Ugly
Or Non Existent? 

It's Time To Build A Flowing Practice

If you want more freedom and simplicity, you need great systems to run your practice.
We often see that practice owners build some systems, but they outgrow them and need a new playbook for the next level of growth.

The 7-Figure Flow

We help you create flowing operations that sustain a 7 and multi 7-figure practice.
– Marketing Systems
– Intake Procedures
– Team Training
– Recruitment Procedures
– Practice Management Blueprint

Complete 7-Figure Practice Blueprint

Therapy Flow has more than 500+ done-for-you procedures, trinaings, guides, dashboards, trackers and more.
We not only provide the blue print to grow, but we make sure you team is equipped to manage the day to day activites!

Systems That Create Freedom

We hear most often that the systems we help our practice owners implement, create freedom, sanity and relief.
If you want time off, a team that takes initiative and implement a leadership team. We got you!

How Therapy Flow Helps You & Your Practice:

Overcome Growth Plateaus

with Live Coaching & Master Classes

Daily access to experts:

  • 11+ industry experts covering marketing, sales, practice development, mindset, and more
  • 2 expert master classes every month
  • 10+ live coaching calls each week

Solve Professional Isolation

with Community & Peer Support

You’re not alone! We have a vibrant community of practice owners all growing and scaling together:

  • Private community group
  • Dedicated support calls
  • 24/7 question support

Achieve Targeted Outcomes

with Weekly 1-1 Meetings

Dedicated practice support:

  • Marketing growth consult in 1st week of program
  • Weekly 1-1 with practice success manager
  • Extra call support for ads, CRM builds, and more

Accelerate Practice Mastery

with 7-Figure Practice Content Hub

Access 300+ operational resources and growing:

  • Marketing templates for ads, website, social media, listings like Psych Today, and more
  • Cash-pay sales intake scripts and content guides
  • Practice profit systems and procedures

Therapy Flow CRM To Simplify Your Marketing

The CRM is a powerful all-in-one HIPAA compliant marketing and front office automation software.

  • Easy Inquiry Tracking – Centralize and streamline all client inquiries for efficient access and management.
  • Phone, Text, Email – Communicate with clients through their preferred channels with an integrated communication system.
  • Automated Follow-Ups – Engage clients consistently with automated messages tailored to their interactions.
  • 15+ Advanced Marketing ToolsUtilize a comprehensive suite of marketing tools for outreach, analysis, and conversion optimization.
  • & Much More!Access a wide array of additional features designed for a robust, secure, and compliant practice management.
Therapy Flow CRM

Neal Launched His Cash Pay Practice Scaled To 30k+ A Month With 6+ Clinicians and Consistent Marketing
Watch His Case Study →

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Deanna and Adam Went From Burnt Out With 25 Clinicians To a Multi-7-figure cash practice, With 30+ Clinicians And Flowing Systems & Operations

Our Growth Frameworks Have Been Featured In:

The Mental Health Marketing Conference, Therapy For Your Money, Meet You In Kentucky, Private Practice Elevation, Wise Summit, and many more.

Therapy Flow Growth Sprint To Scale Your Practice And Build Sustainable Systems

Overwhelmed or have no idea what’s needed to grow your practice?
In 4 Months We provide all the marketing, sales, operations, leadership, and mindset help you need as you build the next phase of your practice! 

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Real Results From Real Practice Owners

Practices Enrolled in 2023

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New Clients With Therapy Flow

Success From Practice Owners Just Like You!

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You Get Access To Three Levels Of Practice Support

"You guys have been super professional and we've been super impressed how on top of everything you are! The best vendor relationship we've ever had and we've worked with over 50+."

Testimonial Item

Dr. Shereen Mohsen

Psychologist, Practice Owner Uplift Psychology Group

"I want to publicly thank Attilio and Joshua for all the good they've done for the GP that my wife and I have. The success we've had in attracting clients gives us enormous confidence during the hiring process."

Testimonial Item

Pablo Carbajal

Practice Owner Carbajal Counseling

The VA is up and running. She took her first call a second ago and did a good job! Signed a patient on. Thanks so much guys for recommending.. it's the little things you guys recommend that help out tremendously."

Testimonial Item

LaShaunna LeSure

LCSW, Practice Owner Shalom Counseling & Consulting

"Therapy Flow simplified so many things!
If you're not on this service you should be."


Testimonial Item

Thomas Hannah

LMHC, Practice Owner Tempest Counseling

"I joined a couple of weeks ago and have been overwhelmed with all the incredible information and support provided here. thanks so much! It's a treasure trove of incredibly valuable information."

Testimonial Item

David Flowers

LMFT, Practice Owner David Flowers Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does This Program Work For?

The Growth Sprint Program is ideal for new & established group practice owners: We give you the exact roadmap needed to launch and expand sustainable marketing, fill your team caseloads, grow your team, and scale from there!

The program is ideal for group practices with the goal of scaling to 7-figures or multi-7 figures.

However, if you are getting started in launching a practice, just interested in maintaining a solo private practice, or have a practice with 1-2 clinicians, our M.A.P.S. program may be the perfect fit for you!

How Much Should A Practice Spend on Google or Facebook Ads?

Paid ads can be a great way to quickly fill your cash or insurances caseload. Most solo therapists spend between $200 and $600 as a starting point to start collecting data. Once new clients start coming in, practices generally raise their ad budgets. Generally, group practices scale their ad budgets to around $1,000-$2500 per month.

How Much Do Cash Pay Therapists Charge?

There is a wide range of service types, specialties and clinical experience our group practice owners use to set their rates.

To successfully create a sustainable cash pay practice, we help most practice owners charge between $150 and $300 a session. This allows for marketing cost, a sustainable caseload size, and profit to pay for business infrastructure.

More than 50% of our practice are cash pay practices so our team is very equipped to help all practice types. 

What Do I Need To Do Before Joining?

If you are fully licensed and have your business set up to accept new clients, you’re good to go!

Book a call today and let’s start growing your practice!

Do You Work With Solo-Practice Owners, Or New Group Practices?

If you are a solo practice or brand new group practice owners we’ve designed the perfect program for you. Therapy Flow M.A.P.S. 

Articulation and sales conversion
Check out The M.A.P.S. Program Page

What Is The Therapy Flow CRM?

Many of our practices use the Therapy Flow CRM:
An all-in-one, HIPAA compliant marketing hub.

The CRM allows you to launch ads, automate follow up, and create advanced marketing & sales campaigns for your group practice. See our CRM service page to learn more!

Discover The #1 thing You Need To Move Your Practice Forward!

I’m Joshua, one of the Co-founders of Therapy Flow. I want to invite you to book a call with our team.

This call is for us to help you determine the #1 thing you need to move your practice forward.

Our team follows a concept called the “one thing”. What is the #1 thing you can do, right now, to accomplish your goal, that would make everything else easier or unnecessary?