Great sales in your private practice start with healthy expectations.

Did you know if you contact someone LESS than 6 times (six touches) you only have a 20% chance of getting a hold of them?

Sending only one email back or leaving one voicemail isn’t enough!

When I coach a lot of practices on sales process improvements, how many times they are following up with an inquiry is one of the easiest ways to improve results.

You already did the marketing work to generate interest from a client. Go the extra mile and make sure they get the information they need to say YES.

Don’t be timid. Many counselors think they are bothering people, or being rude/pushy. 

We live in a reality where we need extra reminders, follow-ups and contacts, other wise it all gets lost in the noise. 

Bottom line, if you feel like a lot of inquiries ghost you. Follow up more. Both before and after the consult. Increase you odds by taking more action!