Building Great Therapy Practices For Over 5 Years

Wall Of Success

Building Great Therapy Practices For Over 5 Years

David optimized his Marketing & Raised his rates from $125 to $200+

“Therapy Flow has really addressed the issue of overwhelm, how universal it is, and how to best deal with it” -David
As a cash-pay solo practice, David was able to transform his marketing, raise his rates and simplify his business so it runs as it should!

Pablo hired 15 new clinicians & generates 100+ new clients monthly

“The success we’ve had in attracting clients gives us enormous confidence during the hiring process. We are certain we can fill an incoming clinician’s schedule in just a couple of weeks. Thanks again to you both”

-Pablo Group Practice Owner

Ilona Went From 0-20k A Month

“PSA to everyone: Participate in the daily calls. They’ll transform your life and work! I’m just one success story” -Ilona

In the 6 months Therapy Flow Program, Ilona grew her solo practice to 20k a month, increased her rate from $120 to $350 a session, and has now launched passive income streams. Watch her full 0-20k success interview here

Ashley & Deborah Are Both Transition Full Time Into PP

Therapy Flow has worked with a number of practice owners transitioning out of their full-time positions but building a caseload doesn’t happen overnight. Gaining momentum before quitting helps make your transition into private practice smooth!

Thomas Organized His Practice & Built Great Systems With The Therapy Flow CRM

Creating a sustainable is more than just client acquisition with practice like Thomas’s we holistically create systems and flow that allows the entire practice to run smoothly. Our HIPPA-compliant CRM is one big piece of this!

Ashley Optimized Her Group Practice Google Ads

Ashley joined Therapy Flow after having a successful solo practice – She hired her first clinician and cracked the code on marketing and sales as a cash pay practice

Brittany Booked 6 New Clients During Her First Week In the Therapy Flow Program

Brittany’s practice is in a small rural town where the population is limited – New forms of marketing with Therapy Flow’s help, have allowed her to reach her entire state and immediately start booking Ideal clients
In under 3 weeks, she filled all 20 of her session slots, She recently had her first 10k a month as a practice owner and just launched a group practice.

Shiniqua sustainably filled her caseload from scratch in less than 3 months

“I officially have a full caseload, drowning in notes and working to find balance in my caseload”
As a cash pay solo practice. Therapy Flow help Shiniqua create an incredible offer, develop a strong sales process and create sustainable marketing.

Lauren Added $10k+ In Reoccurring Revenue

Lauren joined us as a small group practice needing to scale her team and revenue, in the first 3 months she more than doubled her practice’s income and continues to grow! 

Ryan Filled His Practice and had his first 10k month!

Ryan followed the therapy flow process and quickly grew his caseload, learned the correct way to raise his rate, and build a sustainable process to reach 10k in monthly revenue as a solo practice. Watch what he had to say about working with Therapy Flow!

Shelby grew her group practice to 13+ Therapists and Growing!

 Shelby joined our program as a brand new group practice doing less than 10k a month. In the first 3 months with Therapy Flow, Shelby hired 10 counselors and had a 30k month and growing! 

Therapy Flow Provides Great Service!

“These guys definitely know what they are doing and their marketing expertise is amazing! Basically can help you with anything digital marketing related” 

Jose F. Soto

“You guys have been super professional and we’ve been super impressed how on top of everything you are! The best vendor relationship we’ve ever had and we’ve worked with over 50+ “

Dr. Mohsen 'Uplift Psych Group

“If you want to be full in your private practice, partner up with Therapy flow”

Tim White

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