Why We Offer Done-With-You Services at Therapy Flow

In this video, Therapy Flow co-founders Joshua and Attilio dive into the core philosophy behind our unique approach to supporting private practice owners – our “Done-With-You” services. They articulate the value of this model, drawing from their own experiences and those of the many clients they’ve helped over the years.

From the necessity of holistic problem-solving and understanding of business fundamentals to the importance of self-sufficiency, accountability, and strategic understanding of your business, they touch on several key points. They also talk about the challenges of growing a private practice, emphasizing that with the right support, this process can be far more manageable.

Whether you’re launching, scaling, or expanding your practice, the insights shared in this video can offer valuable perspectives to help guide your journey. As you watch, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of why the “Done-With-You” model might be the right fit for your practice. Check out the key insights below for a comprehensive breakdown of the discussion. Enjoy the video!

Key Insights From Video

A video breakdown for new practice owners: New practice owners often have questions about the necessity of coaching, programs, or other resources. This video breakdown aims to provide insight into the relevance of a “done with you” practice development program.

“Done with you” versus other approaches: Three service models – “do it yourself”, “done for you”, and “done with you” – have different implications. The “done with you” model involves a collaborative effort between the service provider and the business owner, allowing for a more tailored approach compared to other models.

Importance of holistic relationships and problem-solving: Success often comes from a holistic relationship between the service provider and business owner, allowing problems across all parts of a business to be solved effectively.

Downsides of the “done for you” model: The “done for you” model can fail to provide effective solutions if the business owner lacks a clear understanding of their needs. This approach often requires the business owner to have a comprehensive understanding of what their business requires.

Importance of self-sufficiency: Before offloading core business functions to others, business owners should understand and be able to perform them. This ensures business continuity even if a service provider fails.

Value of the “done with you” model: The “done with you” model provides expert guidance while ensuring the business owner remains involved and informed, allowing for a more tailored, holistic approach to problem-solving.

Strategic understanding of business components: A comprehensive understanding of all parts of a business is essential for effective management and for informed decision-making when hiring others to manage certain areas.

Accountability when launching a business: Business owners should understand and track the performance numbers of vendors, such as marketing agencies, ensuring accountability and effective performance.

Overcoming technical hurdles: Understanding and overcoming technical issues and processes is critical for business growth. An adaptable learning environment can facilitate this.

Deep understanding of business fundamentals: Understanding business fundamentals, decision-making principles, marketing, and sales is crucial for business owners to avoid being uninformed about business progress and needs.

Importance of guidance: Real-time troubleshooting and personalized guidance, provided by a guide or a learning partner, can be more beneficial than self-learning through a course.

Energy and creativity in business growth: Each stage of business growth requires energy and creativity. While much of this comes from the business owner, external sources of energy, such as a business partner, can be highly beneficial.

Value of external energy sources: Alongside knowledge and resources, energy injected into problem-solving, mindset development, and practical hurdles can significantly aid business growth. This energy can come from a coach, consultant, or business partner.

Challenges of growing a private practice: Growing a private practice is a challenging task, but the right support can make the process more manageable.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this deep dive into our “Done-With-You” service model, as explained by Joshua and Attilio, provides you with valuable insights and perspectives on your journey as a private practice owner. As discussed, there are many facets to running a successful practice and understanding these various components is essential.

From the importance of self-sufficiency and strategic understanding of your business to the value of external guidance and support, the key insights shared in this video aim to help you navigate the complexities of running and growing your practice. Remember, while it can be challenging, with the right support and a holistic approach, the process of growing a private practice can become a much more manageable task.

We encourage you to consider these insights in the context of your own practice. Is the “Done-With-You” model something that could benefit your practice? Would a more holistic relationship with a service provider lead to better problem-solving across your business? These are questions only you can answer.

Finally, don’t forget the special offer mentioned in the video for those of you who book a call and reference the video. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get some extra time in our program and have more direct contact with Joshua and Attilio.

Before booking a call, learn more about our program by watching this video!

Thank you for tuning in. We look forward to continuing to support you on your private practice journey!

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