Decision fatigue, lack of knowledge, tight budgets, taxes and everything else that owning a private practice brings, often produces massive overwhelm, resulting in stagnation.

If you’re overwhelmed in private practice, finding simple ways to build and improve your business each day, week or month is the BEST way to ensure success in private practice.

Today, I’m breaking down how to use simplicity and constriction to reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.

2 years ago my son was born. Before he entered my life, I had massive amounts of time and energy. When the new baby came and sleep was gone, life got a little more hectic and I found myself being more overwhelmed and getting less done.

This moment in my life has been huge because I realized that the blank check on time, energy, and brain space I’d been writing to my business had to stop.

I started asking myself, how can I still work when I’m tired? how can I keep the business growing without working through family time? Why is getting things done so hard?

It was through asking these questions and being forced to change life rhythms with a baby that I realized something…

TIME in volume – was the main point of leverage for growing my business up to this point in my life.

Anytime work needed to get done or new growth happened, giving the business more time and brain space was how I made it all move forward.

I no longer had time, and definitely not as much energy. I was so overwhelmed still trying to run my business the same way I was pre-baby.

In seeking how to grow through my overwhelm, simplicity and time restriction gave way to me developing more important and higher leverage skills.

1. Restriction – For many months I only worked 4 days a week – Restricting my schedule and especially learning how to turn off my work brain, produced potency when I did work.

2. Consistency – I adjusted my work output – Instead of sprints to get things done and giant pushes of time, I switched to “ slow and consistent is smooth and smooth is fast”.

3. Focus – I spent a significant amount of time learning and growing in my ability to focus and invoke a flow state when I work. Instead of spending 60 hours a week on work, I grew in my ability to spend 30 hours a week on business and get the same amount done.

4. Eliminated obligations – There were some external obligations that were eliminated. Here, I’m talking mostly about internal obligations like – how fast something should get done – how many services I provided – how much money I needed to make in this life season – perfection vs. just getting it done – and more.

Look at the emotional obligations/requirements you give yourself. Throw them out the window and just build habits of focus and consistency and the rest will follow.

New clients or 6 and 7 figure revenue levels are just the bi-product of you showing up and doing the work. Overwhelm comes when we are trying to accomplish outcomes faster than we can sustain. You don’t have to drink out of a fire hose – you can choose a slower pace that you can keep up with.

And for me, that slower pace opened the door to leveraging tools and skillsets other than time to solve my problems and grow my business.

This is my 30th weekly newsletter and is a great example of consistency and focus, providing massive value, instead of volume of time.

It’s my vision to provide simple consistent value every Thursday to private practice and business owners.

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