Want to get more yes’s from ideal clients for your private practice?

First, what makes an ideal client? Let’s look at it from the client’s perspective. A few things need to line up. Timing, Money, Need, and Trust they’ll get results with you.

When the four elements all are present, they can say YES to a therapist.

Bringing someone from a stranger to a buyer is called a buyer’s journey.

Yesterday in our program we did a master class on improving the buyers’ journey and here are a couple of key takeaways.

Everything from your Psych Today headline, your call to action buttons on your website, your form fill elements, to your reminder text messages, can affect and help make more ideal clients say yes.

Here are four suggestions on the four areas of action that produce buyers:

1. Money. You have no control of someone’s finances. But… Everyone has money. They just spend it on different things they value. Focus on the VALUE of your services and communicating your value. You’ll have more people pay your rate.

2. Need. How can a client know if their needs will be met? They have to know what they need (“what is their ideal outcome?” is a great question to ask) and they have to be told that you certainly can help them. You’re the expert and you get to tell confidently who you can help.

3. Trust. They know their needs, have been told you can help, and have the money. But they still say no? This is a trust issue. For whatever reason, they don’t trust that they’ll get results in therapy or with you. Increase trust by being bold and honest, sharing reviews, and most importantly – WHY your process will work for them. If you don’t share the WHY, they won’t buy on blind faith.

4. Timing. Even if everything else lines up, for whatever reason they might still need to say no right now. A no now; doesn’t mean a no forever. You could do what Charlotte just did and follow up at a later time. You can send a weekly newsletter to stay top of mind, you can launch re-offer campaigns, re-targeting ads and more! All to convert someone who contacted when it’s a better time.

Improve your buyer’s journey and increase the quantity and quality of ideal clients who say yes!

Need help building a sustainable buyers journey for your practice or launching marketing that creates more conversation?

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