Want to take more time off from your counseling or therapy practice, reduce clinical hours, or increase income streams? Here’s 10 top ways to scale and grow your income in 2023.

How can you scale income as a counselor, without taking more 1-1 sessions or continuing to hire a bunch of clinicians for your group practice?

If you want the ability to take time off, reduce clinical hours, or find better ways to increase income here’s my top 10 list for income streams for 2023.

Two notes as we get into this:

  • Building a successful 1-1 practice before adding more businesses or avenues of income is VITAL to your success. If you try and split your attention, there is a good chance none of them will see the success you want and typically, it’s helpful to have income from a full practice to leverage into other opportunities.
  • Group practices are the #1 way we see counselors scale income – but if you want to stay a solo owner – or have a group that you are looking to create more cash flow, this will be a great list.

So! Here’s 10 top ways you can scale your income (in no particular order):

1. Groups – Running 1-2 groups a week or month with 5-10 participants, charge $25-100 per group session or a flat monthly rate and it will far exceed your typical hourly rate.

2. Consulting – Organizations will pay you to consult on cases – team dynamics – growth/EQ culture – topics you’re qualified for based on your license type!

3. Supervision – You don’t have to own or manage a group practice – you can supervise others as they work through their license hours.

4. Workbooks & Regular Books. – Workbooks on topics you are an expert in – Gottman is a great example! Gottman institute does more than 10 million annually.

5. Intensives – Instead of hosting 1-1 sessions, host a weekend retreat, or offer a 1-3 day EMDR intensive.

6. Memberships – Consistently post content or make videos. Charge $5-$100+ a month for access. 100-500 sign-ups can produce massive income.

7. Coaching – Offer an outcome-based program, like an emotionally healthy parenting program. You can charge anywhere from 1k to 25k+ for your program per person.

8. TikTok/YouTube – These platforms not only pay you for your views, but are a great way to sell and market other businesses you have or receive affiliate commissions.

9. Courses – Create a 1-time topical course, such as healing from divorce, or a pre-marital content course. Sell for $100-1k!

10. Podcasting – Create content and sell other products, grow your brand, or get show sponsors!

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