A Simple, Proven Program, To Scale Your Private Practice

Thousands of mental health professionals over the last 5 years have used Therapy Flow to build sustainable & profitable private practices. 

Our Done-With-You Model

Therapy Flow’s flagship program is a done-with-you program for growth-minded mental health professionals. This format offers much more than a single course or a couple of one-on-one coaching calls. We fully integrate into your practice.

Gain Access To A Brilliant Team
Be provided with all of the resources, roadmaps, knowledge, and team members needed to accelerate the growth of your practice. 

Your Custom Flow
We facilitate a highly intimate program where
every practice we work with is given a custom “Therapy Flow”. This is your ultimate road map to success.

After working with thousands of practices, our team has the ability to interpret your goals and ideal dream practice and deliver marketing, sales, and operations that flow

What Your Practice Will Look Working With Therapy Flow 

If you’re venturing into building your Solo or Group practice for the first time, here’s some insight into the way we build private practices

#1 Your Marketing
 You need marketing that consistently generates new inquiries. With Therapy Flow you’ll be getting 15-45 inquiries a month (per clinician on your team). If you want to always have a full caseload of clients who will pay your rate. Cracking the code on marketing is the #1 thing you can do for your practice.

#2 Sales Process
Great practices have a clean, consistent sales process. We help you create a “value-driven sales process” and set up sales tracking systems, so you can your team can have sales consistency. 

Our process includes considering an insurance or cash pay approach. You want clients to work with you, for your experience and value, at a session rate that makes sense for your business. (70% of the practices we work with are cash pay only providers)

#3 Flowing Operations
What it takes to scale a great therapy practice isn’t the same as what it takes to maintain a successful practice.

You need systems, flows, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). These are made up of software, people, and vendors.

Let Therapy Flow help build you a practice a sustainable practice that doesn’t suck the life out of you!

Program Elements

Marketing, Sales, & Operations To Scale You To Multi 6 and 7 Figures

Step 1. Crack The Code On Marketing

You need to generate inquiries for your practice. We’ve spent over 3 million dollars in paid ads, through Google and Facebook. We have proven processes and templates to help you quickly find success using paid ads, SEO, networking, social and more! Paid ads are our specialty and most people see new clients coming from their ads in just a couple weeks after launching.

Step 2. Run A Value Driven Sales Process

You need to consistently close clients. We can help you construct sales processes and scripts that help you raise your rate, increase your close ratio, and feel great about having conversations with clients. Our team has personally closed 1000’s of therapy clients and has generated millions of dollars in revenue for practices. We help you implement a proven value-driven sales process to ensure consistent results for your practice.

Step 3. Fire Yourself

You need to fire yourself. You can do this when you have a sustainable practice! Being a business owner and a business operator are two different things. We help you let go of the day to day grind. We have entire operation flows that get installed into your practice. From software to people management, you need to be able to take a month off or more, without it tanking your business. Freedom is possible when you pull the correct levers of automations, staff and vendors.

Program Practices In 2022

Inquires For Our Practices In The Last 90 Days

New Clients With Therapy Flow

* Pro-v1

1-1 Coaching

Weekly Once on One Coaching Cals

* Pro-v1

1-1 Coaching

Weekly Once on One Coaching Cals

* Pro-v1

1-1 Coaching

Weekly Once on One Coaching Cals

You’re Only One Flow Away From Your Dream Practice

Over the last 5 years, hundreds of mental health practices have achieved 6 & 7 figures with the help of Therapy Flow Programs.

“You guys have been super professional and we’ve been super impressed with how on top of everything you are!

The best vendor relationship we’ve ever had and we’ve worked with over 50+.”

Dr. Mohsen

Uplift Psych Group

“Thanks, Attilio & Joshua. Becoming part of the Therapy Flow Community is the best decision I’ve ever made for my business.

I’ve just needed someone to help guide me on what to do.”

David Flowers

Solo Practice, LPC

“If you want to be full in your private practice, partner up with Therapy Flow.”

Tim White

Dr. White & Associates

What If I Need Done-For-You Services?

The Therapy Flow team does offer done-for-you marketing services. However, we only work with 1-2 new practices a month for these services. Typically, these are relatively established group practices with more than 6 clinicians who are ready to expand their growth long-term.

If you are in a place where you are interested in a done-for-you partner to help manage Ads, SEO, Content, and/or Operations for your practice, reach out to our team to see if we have any openings to take on new done-for-you campaigns.

Discover The #1 thing You Need To Move Your Practice Forward!

I’m Joshua, one of the Co-founders of Therapy Flow. I want to invite you to book a call with our team.

This call is for us to help you determine the #1 thing you need to move your practice forward.

Our team follows a concept called the “one thing”. What is the #1 thing you can do, right now, to accomplish your goal, that would make everything else easier or unnecessary?