What is the #1 thing Attilio and I are doing this week to grow the business?

A time audit!

We’re writing down exactly how many hours we spend on the business and what we’re doing in those slots.

This week we’re mainly measuring one number: total hours spent on business building hours.

There are business function hours and business building hours.

Business function is everything required to keep the current version of your business going. Seeing already booked clients doesn’t build the business. Just keeps it running.

Filing taxes, answering phones, team meetings, and such are just business functions. A subcategory is revenue-generating activities. This can be both business function and business building.

Taking sales calls generates revenue and is business function. Hiring and training an admin to take calls is business building.

You’ll never have the business you want if you don’t have enough time spent on building that next version of it!

The hard part is once a new part of the practice is built. It flows into function.

Reaching your goals is a cyclical process of this flow:

Build new function -> run function -> build something/someone to help run function -> use new time to build new function.

I often see counselors spend a ton of time building their practice at first.

But then, the initial function takes over and they only spend a small amount of time on business building.

It might be time to look at your schedule in relation to your goals. Are you spending enough weekly time to build the new things needed for your business?

Better marketing, systems for hiring and training. Branding, networking and more? Or are you stuck in the day to day?

Attilio and I are going to look at our business building total hours, compare it to our function hours and make an adjustment. If you’re looking to level up the way you build and run your private practice, book a call with us!