How Ilona went from 2k-20k As a Cash Pay Solo Practice Owner

Join us as we dive into Ilona’s inspiring journey as a private practice owner, who struggled to grow until she invested in coaching and challenged her money mindset. She talks about how raising her rates and reaching out to Therapy Flow for help with getting more inquiries transformed her life in all areas and led to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Ilona also shares her tips on how to attract clients at a higher rate through social media and building value in a particular niche. She encourages people not to limit themselves to their comfort zone and to invest in coaching to unlock their potential.

Ilona also talks about how the Therapy Flow team helped her to change her money mindset and increase her rates from $125 to $350 per session, and soon to $500. She shares that the team’s vulnerability in sharing their own rates and belief in her value helped her to charge more. Ilona mentions offering a higher rate has attracted a different clientele and given her healthy boundaries. She also shares her goal of building courses and scaling her business to a point where she no longer has to trade her time for money.

Key Insights from Video

  1. Consider getting a coach or mentor to help you grow and succeed in your business.
  2. Challenge your money mindset, which can be rooted in a poverty mindset, in order to reach your financial goals.
  3. Be open to learning from others and applying their advice to your business.
  4. Have a clear system and automation in place before scaling up your business to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many clients or followers.
  5. Be well-kept and professional in your interactions with potential clients or business partners.
  6. Have patience and take the time to build a strong foundation for your business, even if it means starting slow.
  7. Focus on providing quality services and building relationships with clients, rather than just trying to reach high income goals.
  8. Consider raising your rates to match the value of your services and to achieve financial growth.
  9. Be open to new marketing strategies, such as Facebook Live or online ads, to increase your client base.
  10. Stay organized and hire help, such as assistants or automation tools, to manage your workload and increase your efficiency.

To Sum Up

The video above highlights the importance of seeking help, challenging limiting beliefs, being open to learning and new strategies, and building a solid foundation before scaling your private practice up.

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