Once of the most important things you can understand as a private practice owner, is that VOLUME is on your side.

Did you know if you raise your rates by just $1 dollar, you’ll make $1000 dollars in additional income this next year?

20 sessions a week, 48 a weeks in a year = $960…

When you realize that your greatest asset is the volume of sessions you provide – you unlock the door of doing small things that have huge impacts across 12 months.

Raise your, or your clinician’s rate by $10 – that’s a 10k raise…

But maybe you’re on insurance and can’t just raise it, even a few bucks…

A couple of other suggestions to increase cash this next year:

Launch weekly groups, hire your first employee, do corporate consulting, launch a course or e-book, sell a weekend retreat.

Take what you have – life-changing skills that you’ve spent years honing and make 2024 the year you leverage those in great new ways!

By the way, Attilio and I helped over 200 therapists in our Flagship Flow Program last year. I don’t know what your goals are for 2024, but if raising your rates, hiring more clinicians, or making more income is on your list – it might be time to book a call!