The ONLY 3 Things You Need To Double Your Intakes

In the rapidly evolving landscape of therapy practice management, the quest for growth and an increased client base remains a constant. Joshua Brummel and Attilio Di Nunno, cofounders of Therapy Flow, share their insights into a transformative approach that has led to the doubling of monthly client intakes for practices they’ve collaborated with. Through a strategic blend of focused marketing, technological advancement, and the leveraging of data, they’ve uncovered a methodology that not only adapts to the modern challenges of digital marketing but thrives amidst them.

This blog post delves into the core strategies that have proven essential in not just surviving but flourishing in today’s competitive therapy landscape. From the crucial role of collaboration and quality marketing to the adaptation to digital marketing’s evolving costs, Brummel and Di Nunno lay out a roadmap for success. They emphasize the importance of visibility, diverse marketing channels, and the necessity of a robust tracking system to understand and optimize marketing strategies effectively.

Leveraging their expertise, they offer a comprehensive overview of how to harness technology for an enhanced client experience, the power of patience coupled with consistent action, and the significance of navigating business with a blend of effective strategies. Their approach is not about quick fixes but about building a sustainable practice through dedication, strategic action, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

As we explore these insights, we invite you to consider how these strategies can be applied to your practice. Whether it’s doubling your intake or reaching new heights in your practice’s growth, the journey begins with understanding these foundational elements. Let’s dive deeper into these key strategies that have set the stage for remarkable growth and success in therapy practices.

Key Insights From Video

Doubling Monthly Intakes Through Collaboration: A therapy practice significantly increased its monthly intake numbers from about 35 to over 70 by working closely with a team focused on marketing and strategic development. This insight emphasizes the potential for growth through external partnerships and focused improvement efforts.

The Importance of Focused, Quality Marketing: The key to the practice’s success was enhancing their marketing strategies, which included Google Ads, SEO, and leveraging their status as a large insurance practice. Focusing on a few key marketing elements and executing them well, rather than attempting too many strategies at once, was crucial.

Adapting to Changes in Digital Marketing: The shift towards more expensive digital advertising, influenced by VC-funded organizations, highlighted the need for practices to work smarter and harder in their marketing efforts. Despite the rise in costs, there’s still an opportunity for growth by being strategic and persistent.

Comprehensive Visibility Strategy: The relationship between being seen, talking to potential clients, and acquiring clients was highlighted as a linear process where increasing visibility is the foundation for growth. This insight stresses the importance of a wide-reaching visibility strategy to increase client intake.

Diverse Marketing Channels and Consistency: Successful marketing for therapy practices involves utilizing multiple channels, including directory sites, paid ads, SEO, networking, and social media, with an emphasis on the consistent use of these channels over time. This persistence is necessary to improve lead quality and conversion rates.

The Necessity of Robust Tracking Systems: For marketing strategies to be effective, it’s vital to have clear, reliable data on where inquiries are coming from. This enables practices to focus on improving the right areas and systems, optimizing their marketing efforts and intake process.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Client Experience: The implementation of a strong technological infrastructure can significantly improve the client intake process, making it more efficient and client-friendly. This includes using a tech stack that facilitates a smooth flow of operations and proactive problem-solving.

Continuous Improvement and Focus: The discussion emphasizes the need for therapy practices to continually refine their strategies, focusing on what works and being adaptable to change. By prioritizing focused marketing efforts, data-driven decisions, and technological enhancements, practices can significantly increase their client intake and overall success.

Confidence to Invest in What Works: By meticulously tracking the performance of marketing strategies and paid advertising, such as Google Ads, businesses gain the clarity needed to confidently allocate more resources to the most effective channels. This reinforces the importance of understanding what generates returns, enabling focused investment in successful marketing efforts.

The Power of Patience and Consistent Action: Success often requires patience, combined with consistent and strategic actions over time. This insight stresses the importance of maintaining effort and making continuous improvements, even when immediate results are not visible, highlighting the compound effects of persistence and adaptability.

Navigating Business with a Blend of Strategies: The journey to business success involves identifying and focusing on effective strategies while phasing out those that are less effective. This process is described as chaotic but necessary for finding the right mix of actions that lead to growth and improvement.

Persistence in Closing the Distance to Goals: The path to achieving significant business milestones, like reaching a 7-figure therapy practice, involves persistence and consistent effort without changing course due to distractions. This insight emphasizes the importance of staying focused on long-term goals and avoiding the pitfalls of constantly shifting strategies.

The Impact of Time on Achieving Significant Growth: Reflecting on the broader perspective of business growth, the discussion concludes that while immediate results may be desirable, true and lasting success takes time to develop. This aligns with the understanding that significant accomplishments, like breaking through to a new level of business success, often require sustained effort and patience over months or even years.

The Role of Expert Guidance and Feedback Loops: Engaging with experts and utilizing feedback loops can accelerate the process of identifying effective strategies and making necessary adjustments. This approach can lead to faster iterations and improvements, highlighting the value of external support in navigating the complexities of business growth.

Commitment to a Strategic Process for Sustainable Growth: Finally, the conversation underlines the importance of committing to a strategic process, including effective marketing and refining intake processes, over significant periods. This commitment is essential for achieving and sustaining growth, suggesting that businesses should focus on the long game, leveraging therapy software, tools, and strategies that have been proven effective over time.

Final Thoughts on How to Double Your Intakes

As we conclude our exploration of the transformative strategies that have led to unprecedented growth in therapy practices, it’s clear that the journey to doubling monthly intakes and beyond is paved with intention, innovation, and insight. The comprehensive overview provided by Joshua Brummel and Attilio Di Nunno of Therapy Flow has illuminated the path to success, showcasing the pivotal role of strategic collaboration, targeted marketing efforts, and the embrace of technological advancements.

The insights shared highlight the critical importance of adaptability in the face of digital marketing’s evolving landscape, the power of a well-rounded visibility strategy, and the necessity of leveraging data to make informed decisions. These elements, combined with a commitment to continuous improvement and an unwavering focus on what truly works, form the foundation of a thriving therapy practice in today’s competitive environment.

For those ready to embark on this journey of growth, the message is clear: success is not only about the strategies you employ but also about the patience, persistence, and dedication you bring to each step. By aligning your practice with these principles and harnessing the collective expertise of leaders in the field, the goal of significantly increasing client intake becomes not just a possibility but a reality.

We invite you to reflect on these key insights and consider how they can be integrated into your practice’s growth strategy. With a steadfast commitment to these principles and the courage to pursue innovative solutions, your practice can achieve the kind of success that not only transforms your business but also profoundly impacts the lives of those you serve. Let this be your guidepost as you continue to navigate the ever-changing terrain of therapy practice management, and remember, the journey to growth is one best traveled with clarity, conviction, and a readiness to embrace the future.

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