Sustainably Grow Your Therapy Practice By Getting More Leads

In this video, Joshua and Attilio of Therapy Flow, discuss the factors that influence how to sustainably grow your private practice by increasing lead volume and engagement.

They share their experiences and strategies for successfully increasing volume of leads and engaging with more prospective clients.

Below, you’ll find key insights from the discussion, which can help you better understand the process and set realistic expectations for generating and engaging with more leads.

Key Insights From Video

Business-minded therapy practices: Therapy practice owners should treat their practices like a business, particularly in marketing, to achieve better results and sustainable growth.

Balancing marketing and sales: To grow a therapy practice, focus on generating more leads and striking a balance between marketing and sales efforts.

High lead volume: Higher lead volume leads to better results, as it reduces the need to be pushy and allows for building trust with potential clients.

Accepting non-converting leads: Accept that not all leads will convert to clients; this helps in building relationships and creating a positive brand experience for potential clients.

The golden ratio: Start with the idea that 10 people should reach out or show interest before one becomes a client; this can be improved over time.

Attracting problem-solvers: Focus on attracting people with problems your therapy practice can solve and encourage them to get in touch with the practice.

Building a client list: Construct a list of potential clients for the practice, which aids efficiency and provides more opportunities for sales.

Marketing and sales weight: Marketing starts the conversation with potential clients, while sales convert the conversation. Both aspects should be given equal weight.

Working a list over time: Build trust, reveal value, and increase the chances of leads converting into clients by working a list over time, even if they don’t sign up the first time around.

Timing and information collection: Timing is crucial when trying to engage potential clients; being open to collecting more people’s information increases the chances of finding those who need your services at the right time.

Larger lists for conversions: Building a larger list (1000-5000+ people) will increase your chances of converting leads into clients when sending emails or text messages.

Engaging leads in different ways: Generate more leads to have more sales conversations, and engage with your list in various ways, such as email, social media, blogs, and other resources.

The secret formula for leads: To generate more leads, identify your target audience, find out where they are, create an attractive offer (bait), and determine the results you can provide for them.

Investing in marketing and sales: Therapists should be willing to invest more in marketing and sales, as it feeds the rest of the business.

Necessary components for success: It’s essential to have a balance between marketing and sales, as both are necessary components for a successful business.

Risk-taking and conversations: Be willing to take some risks in marketing and sales, and focus on generating more conversations than you think you need to grow your business.

Final Thoughts: Getting More Leads

In summary, therapists and counselors should invest more in marketing and sales to generate leads, grow their list, and convert leads into more therapy clients.

This can be achieved by identifying your target audience or ideal client, creating and testing attractive offers, and providing an excellent service or results.

Balancing marketing and sales efforts is crucial for a successful business, and therapists should be willing to take risks and have more conversations with potential clients.

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